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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 11:48am-12:18pm PST

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>> fascinating. bone in. wow. >> that is something you do not see very often. the belly is attached. >> bacon and the loin, if you so desire. thank you very much. >> in 1999, we put out a rfp to restore the building. they decided to restore this in the middle of the building and opened up this cut out to connect the bottom floor with this area that was traditionally storage for luggage, trunks and supplies for the ferries. the connected the bottom floor with the skylight and really open up the building. >> is still open? >> it was still open it, and the second floor was the original
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waiting room. the port was very intrigued by the local business uses that would be down here. it took about four years to restore the building, and it took close to two years to lease it because we started early in the redevelopment of the building. we are fully leased. lots of wonderful partisans -- lots of wonderful artisans. >> unqualified success. >> in the 1950's, after the bridges were built, the port and the ferries stopped in the late 1950's. at the port was looking for new ways to build revenue. that is when they started to chop up the building on the second and third floor into small offices. that brought revenue, but also took away a lot of the historic elements. it was mostly restaurants beneath.
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then in 1972, the ferry started. in 1989, we had the earthquake that rendered the double decker freeway on safe. -- unsafe. >> in 1989, the ferry building was a symbol of the earthquake because the clock stopped and the flagpole on the top was tipped over at 10 degrees. this became a symbol of the earthquake. this is sort of the end product of finally taking care of all the damage that was brought by the earthquake. >> when the freeway was taken down, it provided this visual corridor and reconnected the city to the building and that opened up the dialogue. the original urban planning of san francisco, always wanted the ferry building to anchor bourbon st. it is amazing that the freeway up there has been changed around to see the visual
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connection, literally all the way up market street to the ferry building. it it feels like the heart of san francisco. >> what shop is this? >> a chocolate shop. this is one of our original farmers market food are lessons -- food artisans. he uses a lot of wonderful local ingredients, lavender, and also incredible lime that he then dips in key lime juice and then they are dried. then they are dipped into a beautiful artisan chocolate, and it to me epitomizes what it is all about, local ingredients, very traditional french techniques when it works with the chocolate. i want you guys to try it. it is super, super good. >> yes, i will take a piece
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here. enjoy. enjoy. take one and pass it around. san francisco has become a chocolate center. >> dear deli, they realize they're not going to make money with gold, one back to france and brought back chocolate equipment. and longtime chocolate tradition. >> i was reading house so many people came here for the6ñ and some of the smart people stay here because they said these people are going to need services, food, places to stay, entertainment. people bought land and made buildings. some people made their fortunes in the gold fields, but a lot of people who started their companies after the gold rush made it really big.
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some of them are still here, historic buildings, is sort restaurants -- historic restaurants, and we're trying very hard to preserve not just the physical brick and mortar of san francisco boat -- san francisco history, but there is also a real push to preserve the cultural, meaningful institutions, businesses, restaurants, other services. i encourage you all to support san francisco businesses. there are so many old restaurants. this is some serious chocolate. >> it is really good. q%?>> our groves were planted r 100 years ago. it is called the silver ridge ranch, and it is all spanish olives, extra virgin, less than
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0.8% at the city. -- acidity. we offer a house plant, which is a nifty blend of five types of spanish olives, which incorporates this into that. we also offer a tangerine olive oil, a new product, fresh tangerines. you taste possessed from the appeal of the tangerine. -- you taste the zest from the peel. >> emerge very well. excellent. they sell different types of salt here which are a big thing in it killing our world. i have found at home that it makes a big difference the
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texture of the salt, not word is from -- where it is from. where is this from? >> it is from france, the top layer of of salt, a very fine salt. for every 80 pounds of the great salt, 1 pound of this is made. >> we did not really talk about the clock tower yet. at 230 feet tall, this is built as a replica of of the clock tower in spain. this was electrically i polite. electrically operated? >> correct, but it still can be run mechanically. ithe clock master comes in at te time that it is changing. we also have clock watchers across the street who tell us if
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it is off by a second, so he is very attached to the clock. >> we have a clock master. and look at this, the hands of the clock. look how big they are. the holy mackerel. nobody is up here. but this. it the great seal of the state of california. this is a wonderful mosaic. >> it is wonderful. it was original to the building. tens of thousands of people cross by every day. this is the waiting area. the larger alcoves or for storage. and the big plants that would go out to meet the ferries. people would come out to meet the ferries. and then go to the trolley cars. the family of the original artisan still lives in the bay
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area and they come by every so often to make sure that it is in tact and being taken care of. furry little repair to it. this is the before and after, 1910 to 1960's, 1970's. this is what the building looked like during that time. it was under plywood and carpeting for about 30 years. this was amazingly preserved underneath all of that when it pulled up. >> how to the ventilate this? are these operable? h[ph>> they are not. we have a cool air intake from the bay. because of the atrium, it would be nearly impossible for any air conditioning, so we have cool air intake on the bayside. that cools the building down. when i first artwork in here, i was fascinated with all the arches, the repetitive arches. the original architect used it
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as a symbol of the talks in rome, a symbol of how important the water and the waterways are to us city. -- to the city. it looks like an aqueduct structure. >> what are the uses of this floor and above? >> we have about 10 it office spaces, private businesses, law firm, financial management, lobbying firms. there are all local businesses. -- they are all local businesses, very supportive of the marketplace. >> i know that some part of this building, the water goes underneath, the bay water is under there? >> yes. >> is it under the whole building? >> there is a sea wall, probably right under where you are standing. a lot of it is on the pilings.
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>> i have seen a guy on a little boat that goes under there and make repairs. >> and also, the coast guard comes, anytime there are logs floating in the water, we have to call the coast guard. acting get hung up underneath the pipes. >> i want to thank you all for coming. thank you so much for your great information. i hope to see you all again next month for our next program. thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon. now like to call the january 24 meeting of the public utilities commission to order. secretary, would you call the roll? [calling roll] i expect vice-president torres to be joining us shortly. >> we will go into closed session at the beginning of the meeting. any public comment on the items listed in closed session? he none, can have a motion? >> so move. a-- seeing none, can i have a
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motion? >> conference of legal counsel anticipated litigation is council of bill legal counselor. conference with legal counsel existing litigation as defend iant fontana v city and county f san francisco. government code section 54957 b for item #9. we can now move to closed session. >> thank you.
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